Violeta: Ljubičanstveno

We initiated a magnificent violet story. 
A story about Violeta, domestic BH Company, which became a regional leader in production of wide range of hygienic products. Teta Violeta is one out of many brands in Violeta's portfolio. Until very recently main Teta Violeta product was paper towels. But Teta Violeta decided to go fiercely forward and launch three new household products - dish soap, laundry detergent and fabric softener. 
Our answer was Ljubičanstveno! (Violetastic) 
We have developed a new, witty and fun character for Teta Violeta, in line with the world and circumstances we live in. 
We made a humorous serial with the incorporated product demonstration and extracted the 30 second TVCs out of the serial. 
In order for everyone to have access to Teta Violeta's household tips, we created a web presentation
Teta Violeta was no longer alone, she had a home, family and its own character, but the most important thing is that she now had magnificent products spreading through local and regional markets with its design, functionality and quality. 
Violetastic, isn't it?