Carlsberg BH: Lord Somersby’s Piknik & Bridge 2014

Lord as the trademark face for Somersby, ideal drink for summer days and hanging out with friends, has a story saying that no party can ever be compared to any of his parties. He welcomed the greatest historical individuals and left them breathless. This brand story inspired McCann to open mindedly transfer these situations and facts into Bosnian daily life.

We visited BH cities, transformed squares and parks into an organized picnics, in accordance with the imaginary Somersby world. In this tour’s last destination Sarajevo Somersby offered everyone an unforgettable experience with a phrase “Zašto zaglaviti na obali, kada možeš partijati na mostu!” (Why get stuck on the shore while you can enjoy partying in the bridge) . We transformed the Eiffel Bridge and turned it into a Lord Somersby’s Bridge, the best place for party.

Somersby world became a place of fun, summer refreshment and friendly hangouts. Every night at Lord Somersby’s Bridge was an adventure for itself. While the first night was reserved for regional actor and singer Sergej Trifunović, visitors enjoyed in performance with fire and oriental dancing during the next one. Somersby was represented as a modern and up-to-date brand, but without compromising its well-known identity.