Carlsberg: Lord Somersby Bridge 2015.

In 2015. McCann have once again had a task of creating a different and unique Somersby activation for August in Sarajevo. The goal was to demonstrate the openmindedness of Somersby, to show that it is an optimistic and fun brand, prone to trends and experiments. It was successfully achieved.
The Eiffel Bridge was transformed and became Lord Somerby's Bridge, a place for best party in Sarajevo from 13th- 22th of August. The visitors could learn how to dance salsa, enjoy the theater performance „Dame biraju“ and listen to the music of Sevdahbaby, Bad Copy, Skroz, Makao Band, Marko Louis, Dvadesetorica and many others. 
With a goal of enabling everyone to feel the spirit of Somersby world, McCann agency expanded the story to the whole city. We branded the tram stops in a lord like way under the shade of an apple tree instalation on the roof of the tram stop, added swings and a place to make the best #friendsie. 
The party at Lord Somersby's Bridge achieved a significant media attention following TV, radio newspaper and web portal announcements. The estimated media value equaled the total investment in the project. The story about the bridge became a subject of numerous comments on social media, Somersby page had an increase in the number of fans, and the event itself quickly became the favorite place for partying!