Coca-Cola: Trophy Tour

The World Cup Trophy was welcomed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014. with an unseen euphoria. Everyone expected impatiently for it to visit Sarajevo during the huge Coca-Cola tour, especially considering the fact that this was the year when B&H national team qualified for the greatest football happening World Football Cup for the first time in history.

We welcomed the Trophy at the Sarajevo airport, displayed it for all guests to see it. One of them was the Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić. Afterwards we were on our way directly to the studio of Central News BHT1 so everyone else could see it. During the next two days, the most curious ones, could see it up close in Mirza Delibašić hall. Photos spread rapidly through social networks.

We chose a celebrated B&H footballer Predrag Pašić who started its own school of football Bubamara after a  succesfull football career, for the ambasador of the Coca-Cola Trophy Tour in Bosnia. Together with our team, Pašić participated in this project with all of his heart, emphasizing its significance for the younger ones who work hard and hope for the success of their country and themselves. 

In two days, during which it was exhibited, the Trophy was seen by 20.000 people. Huge interest shown by the media representatives resulted with more than 600 press releases.