Ekopak: Green Dot

Do you know what „Green Dot“ is? Many don't, and we also learned a lot through this campaign.

„Green Dot“ is an internationally registered mark, placed on the product packaging, locally and globally, as a proof of fact that the company using it is financing packaging waste management system.

Nonprofit organization Ekopak is an authorized Green Dot system operator in B&H and a PRO EUROPE member, which makes it the only certified provider for usage of „Green Dot“ in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With this campaign we wanted to inform the citizens about the existence of Green Dot, its significance and advantages, by engaging them in a prize game. Our second goal was to inform the legal entities that it's their legal obligation to enter the packaging waste management system.

We implemented a direct marketing campaign for legal entities, prepared a serie of informative and educational articles, organized a media briefing and numerous media appearances. Prize game was promoted through TVC's, OOH and shopping mall promotions.