Addiko Santa Claus flew in directly from the North Pole, of course with the diplomatic license plates, and brought presents for 100 kids at the Alta shopping mall in Sarajevo
It’s not easy to simultaneously delight the client, reward potential customers with innovative and effective BTL activation, and thereby create quite a buzz online, in the sea of festive activations amid the Christmas and New Year’s magic. But the magical ingredients used by McCann Sarajevo, this time for Addiko Bank, created a story to remember and retell.
Have you heard that the real elves exist?! At a time when the top issue in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is traffic regulation with the odd-even license plate measure (particular days are reserved only for cars with license plate numbers either odd or even), which has put on a mask of frustration on the faces of citizens and undermined the atmosphere of the New Year holidays, Addiko Elves were able to restore the good atmosphere in the city! Not choosing by the odd-even principle, but consecutively paying bills for citizens who yesterday found themselves shopping at Alta, Addiko’s elves proved that New Year’s surprises still exist, and that fairies and elves care, not just for the children but for the adults as well.
While the elves walked through the mall with Addiko rechargeable card, paying gifts to visitors, Addiko Santa Claus flew in the lobby of the shopping center “directly from the North Pole, with, of course, diplomatic plates,” bringing gifts to one hundred kids.
This piece of holiday magic was not experienced only by those at the shopping center, but many others as well, as the newsroom of one portal received numerous photos from enthusiastic citizens. Thus the story of real elves soon received some publicity and become a buzz online. In less than 24 hours, the story collected more than 30,000 views. Created with the aim of strengthening brand awareness, the campaign brought many citizens a memorable Addiko experience, while in the world of marketing it boosted McCann Sarajevo’s reputation as one of the most creative BTL elves in 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.