Even after the awards ceremony, numerous participants of the 1st dm women’s race in BiH continued to mingle at Sarajevo’s most popular walk

In order to inform as many women as possible that dm was preparing this sports and recreational event, a special website of the race was created, through which the racers were called to register. The number of women who decided to register grew each day, and the PR team of the agency worked on the promotion of registration procedure. At the same time, the BTL department was writing the scenario of the event. How to attract women and make them see this event as something that offers more than just running?! In agreement with the client, a concept has been created which besides the sporting challenge guarantees great socializing at the After Run Party. Music refreshments with DJs, tastings, valuable gifts for all participants, promotion of dm bio products and body care products, fun for kids in a special children’s corner… All of the above was the reason why even after the awarding of prizes, numerous participants continued their socializing at Wilson’s Walk.

“For some participants, the race was an easy task, but for some it was a challenge, and for us, who participated in the project implementation, it was both. We worked with ease in a team that knows only successes, and we worked with a client who knows what they want, and at the same time it was a challenge to ensure that 100% of the surveyed participants assess the organization of the event with the maximum rating, which was our greatest satisfaction,” said Amra Jusović, PR / Account Manager at McCann Sarajevo.


Numerous journalists also witnessed the great organization, great response and a good atmosphere at the event. Numerous portals, newspapers and newscasts on TV reported how the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the list of European cities in which this very popular race for women has been organized for several years now.