McCann Sarajevo, credit rating star of creative industry in BiH

This year, on the third annual conference „Reliability 2017“ agency McCann Sarajevo has received the prestigious certificate „Credit Rating Star“, which is awarded to the most successful companies in BiH for their credit worthiness.


Out of 31,554 companies, which were included in the analysis, 13,5% of them fulfilled the set criteria. Conducting business with revenue gain, having continuous increase in headcount and liquid accounts as well as operating with expense margin that does not exceed 50% of the generated income, are just a few of the many parameters  taken into account to assess companies  and make selection of the most reliable ones.

McCann Sarajevo, agency which has been operating successfully in BH market for twenty years now, is one of the very few companies in the field of creative industry that has earned such award.



„To be recognized as a reliable business partner based on internationally established standards and business rules, which this selection sets, certainly is in line with the overall business policy of I&F McCann Group, within which McCann Sarajevo operates. We are proud on winning „Credit Rating Star“ award, because it is the reason more for us to be identified as credit reliable agency on the market, not only for our current but also for our future clients. Besides our professional engagement to offer most successful creative solutions in the field of marketing, design and communication, it is a confirmation that we are also a financially reliable and stable partner to whom they can trust“, said Vesna Vlašić Jusupović, Managing Director McCann Sarajevo.


The award ceremony was organised by Business news and LRC company which follows the status on the market and provides methodology for the financial appraisals. „LRC is continuously engaged in collection, processing and distribution of business related information mainly in finance markers related to business operations of domestic and foreign companies in the region. „Reliability 2017“ represents objective, expertisedand independent frame for the generation of reliability assessments and markings“, said executive director LRC, Emil Kučuković, also explaining that all reliable companies must have special place in the world of business as they provide stable support to all byers, suppliers and partners.


The overall income of all credit reliable companies in 2016 in BH is 15,4 billions and that further supports the importance of such business subjects for the overall economy of BH.